Thursday, November 20, 2008

Audio Cortex - Mind & Soul

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If the names Soul Summation and Active Minded ring some bells with you, it is probably because I have reviewed both of these POP based artists and have known of their work ever since the early days of the POP experience. Matter of fact, I reviewed Soul Summations Contact (January 2008) and enjoyed it a lot, very classy electronica. That's the common link between these two artists, they deliver some of the slickest, melodic electronica you are ever likely to hear. The reason I am chattering on about these two artists is because they have just become one: Audio Cortex.

A marriage made in heaven or in hell? Heaven, absolutely. Nirvana definitely.

From the opening burbles you will recognise that sonically this is a clean, sophisticated sound and that excellent attention to the overall sound was one of the first pluses I ascribed to this track. However, like all good electronica, the more you play it the more becomes apparent to your ears. Got to say that my first listen to this deceptively long track (it tops out at almost seven minutes) really surprised me because I could have sworn I was only listening for a couple of minutes. Further plays showed that this is probably more like two tracks than one - and maybe even three....

I know, I know. Crap description.

The problem is that you really have to experience this track to see what I mean. There is so much going on here you will take a month of Sundays to unravel it all. More to the point it is stuffed to the rafters with some of the most interesting sounds it has been my pleasure to hear this year. Anyone who can bring a melodica (my fave sound in reggae/dub) into an electronic conversation like this is quids in with me (Ed: I think he means he likes it). Mind you, I've listened to this track endless times now and the track still throws up things I hadn't heard before or maybe not noticed. Hand on heart, couldn't say that it really floats my boats but I am in awe of the amount of love and devotion that has been lavished on this outstanding slice of electronica.

Highly Recommended. Very classy blend of electronica.

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