Sunday, November 16, 2008

Avalanche - Are We Ever Going To Learn

Hear The Track Here

Been a while I guess since we last heard from everybody's favourite Soundclick rock band but there is a very good reason for that. Avalanche's chief cook and bottlewasher, Mike (NAV) Foster has been having medical problems, for which I am sure you would like to wish him a speedy recovery. Still, in the meantime heres a new (to me) Avalanche track although I noticed it has been online since March of this year so its obviously not new to some of you. There is a style of rock music that has always appealed to me, and Avalanche tap right into that so it's a given that I am going to like them and the same thing goes for anyone who likes their rock in the classic mode.

As in kerrrang!! yes...

Give yourself a listen to the first 20 seconds of this track and you'll whether it will appeal to you or not. One of the things I like most about reviewing Avalanche tracks is that Mike Foster is one of those rare things: a musician as articulate as he is competent. You will find more information written about most tracks than you can shake a stick at. Are We Ever Going To Learn, for example, was first written in 1984 and recently updated and was originally written about acid rain but these days can pretty much apply to any of the worlds numerous ecological problems. See, that's another thing about this musician and band, they have an opinion about pretty much everything and are not afraid to say it; musically or personally.

Nowt wrong with that.

The really great thing about Avalanche is that they are the nucleus of TWO of the best indie rock bands around right now, Avalanche itself and the excellent Easton Brothers Band (guitarist Mark and drummer Barry). If, God forbid, I was asked to choose which band is the better, I would have to throw my hands up in despair because they are BOTH as good as it gets - and Are We Ever Going To Learn is a classic example of what Avalanche does best. Rock the house. To be blunt, I wouldn't say that this is one of my more favoured Avalanche tracks but hey even this takes a dump over most of the competition. Nonetheless if you like rock, you will LOVE Avalanche.

Highly Recommended classic rock (with a message).

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