Sunday, November 09, 2008

Wreckless Music (Ejay) - Sleep When You're Dead

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Over the course of this past year, Maryland, US based rapper Wreckless Music has supplied a diverse collection of tracks, some just OK but mostly of a high standard of production and performance nous. He really hit the spot with this reviewer when I flipped over his extremely timely diatribe about the state of hiphop, Old Times (October 2008), giving it a Must Have rating which is rare for this genre. Partly for the way Wreckless Music performed the peice and partly because of the inspirational message it contained, Old Times is definitely one of the best hiphop tracks I have heard in a good while.

But, as always, you are only as good as your last track...

Now say what you like about Wreckless Music but big respect to the guy for ALWAYS, and I mean always, stretching himself musically. Sleep When You Are Dead is a classic case in point. The first thing I thought of when I saw the title was, damn that sounds like a heavy metal track and guess what? It is, with a kinda/sorta blues rock twist. Obviously then the next connection to make would be to the classic Aerosmith/RunDMC Walk This Way combination and that would be fairly accurate too because this track is a direct descendent.

Got to say that initially I found this track rough as old boots but - given the material - that is to be expected. There is a definite lo-fi home produced feel about the backing track and a live distortion on the vocal that is odd at first but you'll soon get past that. Almost a blues rock feel about the track helps enormously to push this track out ahead of its peers, despite the roughness of the sound. Can't say that it is going to become a favourite Wreckless Music track for me but God bless the guy for pushing the boat out a little further. Certainly deserves its billing as Alternative Hiphop.

Highly Recommended blend of blues rock and rap. (Ed: He isn't kidding)

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