Monday, November 24, 2008

Slippy-T - Crossfire

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Its been blinking ages since I've heard a Slippy T effort, absolute yonks. Bleak (February 2008) was my last encounter and before that a year had passed since Ain't This Just the Feeling 2 (JB Tribute) (January 2007). The reason I mention this is because I have known Rob Taylor (aka Slippy T) since forever and believe me, this guys fingerprints were everywhere back in the day. In the meantime, of course, real life will have its way and Slippy's musical presence has obviouslt taken a back seat because if that. All the more reason to be joyful because Slippy is an experienced musician, songwriter and singer.

Yeah, lucky bastard. I agree.

Mind you, I was there at the beginning I know just how hard this guy worked to sound like this; polished, professional and right on the money. Slippy is an artist who always has his detractors, people I gues who can't get past his unique vocal style. Nothing startling mind, just the tone he pitches at. It's a style I will always associate with English artists and I am used to it. What Slippy always manages to do is to stretch the style just that little bit to accomodate his particular take on it. He's had a string of Must Haves from me over the years and each one deserved. Even a cursory listen to Crossfire, a classic electronica track if I ever heard one, will show that this is a musician who knows his own mind and capabilities.

What seems to get most people with Slippy is his songwriting style; for sure you won't have had much quite like this. He's always been fond of electronica and he's returning to a well trod path but overlaying it all is the vocal style he has perfected over the years; a kinda multi-harmony thing that works like gangbusters once you get used to it. There are a couple of major level problems on the track that mar the final product, one of which (the hi hat) could be fixed with the miniumum of fuss and this would be a worthy addition to anyone's Slippy T folder. Nonetheless, a good introduction to a fine vocalist and songwriter.

Highly Recommended Electronica.

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