Monday, November 24, 2008

The Peach Tree - The Dark Side

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After reviewing literally thousands of tracks over the years, I have noticed there are always certain artists that I have to struggle to understand. Sometimes its a 'is this a joke' reaction and sometimes it requires a more thought (and playing) for the full picture to become clear. Sometimes, of course, it doesn't happen at all and that's where the difficulty arises. Australian electronica musician The Peach Tree knows all about it and has bounced back surprisingly well gaining a highly recommended for A Perception of Change (Understanding) (October 2008) where - it has to be said - he went in a completely different direction.

A good one obviously. Although quite how good and experimental electronica can all fit in the same sentence is beyond me. Ha ha ha, little joke (Ed: then stfu and get on with it) This is the first track I have reviewed from the The Ghost Of Muses Past album and stands up well to its title. Dark electronica it is but then that Peach Tree oddness (never far away) injects itself into the mix and things get a whole lot stranger. The vocal - if that word can be applied here - is 'a chopped up interview with your average guy, Mark Heenan, talking about The Dark Side'

Well alrighty then. ????

I'm a big fan of slicin' and dicin' with notes and phrases and The Dark Side does a very reasonable job of knifin' n' guttin' - in more ways than one. Obviously there's a healthy interest in 'getting drunk, destroying things because you can't be killed' as the character says. I have to say that the music alone would qualify as doomy, but the disjointed, inarticulate feeling it puts behind the music does give the track its one edge. Soundwise this is very good and shows how much of a step this artist has already taken. Probably not something to play to cheer someone up with.

Interesting, doomy electronica. Recommended.

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