Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ifunkus - Rebels to Revelations

Hear The Track Here

I spent years in the 1990's working through Usenet newsgroups, finally emigrating to the web in 1999 once it was established that MP3's would be the thing for the future. Like many musicians I tried many websites at first and - for my sins I guess - somehow ended up moderating the Ejay website forums in 2002 or thereabouts. Considering that software's pedigree, the Ejay forums held some rare - and quite unique - musicians many of whom are much better known these days. One of those musicians is none other than Ifunkus who amazingly turns up every once in a while, drops a track in my lap and then wanders off to only he knows where. Anyone who has encountered this guy on the forums will be only too well aware that when I use the word 'character' about him, you bet I mean it.

Rebels to Revelations (I spelt it right for you Ivan) is inspired by another old Ejay hand who I haven't heard from since forever; Kameleon and is - to quote the man himself - 'a very long story' Quite a long track too as it happens topping out at just a whisker over five minutes. It is blindingly obvious to me that Ifunkus has learned a lot over the years and his music has gained a lot for it. No longer is the work interesting but shambolic; the man has tightened up his act considerably. Even if, it has to be said, that he is treading over familiar ground for him.

Electronica is the name of Ifunkus's game and Rebels is a nice slice of the genre, with a hint of chill out thrown into the bargain. It doesn't do that much, and it doesn't go there in a hurry but its nice to kick back with which is, I suppose, the whole point of the exercise. Quite why it is billed as Experimental is a bit beyond me because its so obviously a very tasteful peice of electronic chillout. As five minutes goes in the presence of this track, you will find that it will pass surprisingly quickly and that says something about its structural composition too. In other words, it sounds great. :)

Highly Recommended chillout.

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