Sunday, November 30, 2008

LeO IcON9 ByTE19 - Get Money

Hear The Track Here

Hereafter referred to as 'these guys' because I can't keep writing that bandname. I first encountered them when reviewing Night @ Alcazar (October 2008) and really liked this class mix of electronica, a complete surprise from what I had been expecting. As unfinished as it obviously was, there was certainly enough there to satisfy most knob twiddlers (Ed: I HOPE he is referring to electronica heads) and was a worthy introduction to a band that most definitely should not be taken at face value.

They may look like a bunch of rappers but don't go there :P

Officially classed this time as Neo-Soul (wtf?) its certainly a strange thing to get close to, at least going by first impressions. There again, this is a lesson I have learned from the last time so I know that whatever I thought upon first hearing was going to change quite a lot once I had more plays under my belt. I can kinda see the soul connection here because the tenor and style of the track comes directly from that tradition; the music comes from outer space.

Well not really outer space of course, because then we'd all be wearing suits and bumping into things, but definitely music of a stranger stripe than most. You know the style and yet somehow, no matter how often you play it, it just doesn't fit in any of the usual rhythm styles you are used to. Don't go looking for much in the way of structure either, the deal here is groove, groove and a likkle more groove. The musical depth they (Ed: these guys surely?) showed in Night @Alcazar is also on display on this excellent and yes, different slant on the rap tradition.

Excellent, different and tasty. Highly Recommended urban soul.

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