Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ron Gragg - My Fathers World

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Although the Ron Gragg tracks I have reviewed so far haven't entered any of the loftier spheres of hyperbole I am prone to, I have - I hope - shown that here is an artist who takes time and effort to get his thing done right. What most impressed me this year about our Ron isn't so much his music but the committment to bringing his faith into the musical equation. For once, I might add, in a way that I personally don't mind at all. When I reviewed Nothing But The Blood (August 2008) I was more enthusiastic that it was an interpretation of a hymn first published in 1876. Ron had actually gone to the trouble of researching the song and adding peices to it that had been missing for years.

Can't fault that.

My Fathers World is another track of this type. The words were written by a pastor called Maltbie D. Babcock, in 1901 and it was apparently a reference to his saying 'I’m going out to see my Father’s world.” when going about his business. Not sure whether this has ever been set to music but the music and arrangement are credited to Ron so I guess this is modern (as it were). There can be no doubt that Ron is a home producer but fair dos, he's come up with a relatively quiet track that delivers excellent sound on the guitar, although the vocal suffers considerably.

Again though, respect to the guy for coming up with this, I'm sure there are many people who will take to this lo-fi song of praise - particularly regular churchgoers in America who will certainly recognise the style. Again, that's where I can take or leave this stuff; for me if it has a Christian message attached to it, it's probably going to have to work harder to impress me. This is where Ron does score, and very well too. The excellent arrangement, tone and delivery of the lyrics and the outstanding guitar accompaniment all help to sell the song to the unconvinced and I do include myself in that. Rough yes, but we don't all have the luxury of properly produced sound and - in this case - it's what comes across that counts.

Recommended acoustic Christian rock.

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