Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mike-K Ft Kephas - Amigos

Hear The Track Here

Here come old flattop, he come grooving up slowly, he got joo joo eyeball... Wtf IS joo joo eyeball anyway? Still, enough of that, back to work. Indie music's favourite DJ Mike-K has found a very fruitful collaborative partnership with another Soundclick stalwart Florida based uber-guitarist Kephas. For those who haven't been exposed to the Kephas style, you have a treat in store. The first few tunes I heard from him were eerily (nay fekkin spookily) a twin of anything by Carlos Santana. Of course, I am a lazy bastard, and that would be the first musical reference anyone would get, but dig a little deeper and you find that Kephas has a distinctly different sound, feel and tone.

Oh and a healthy fire in his belly...

Anyone who could make a version of Bob Marley's classic Redemption Song and not completely crucify it has much kudos where I am concerned. Go listen, its on his page and its well tasty. Anyway Mike K is actually the focus of this review but the regard that these two musicians have for each other will outweigh Kephas hogging a lot of the spotlight. Funny that I should mention Santana (but not really) because the feel of the track instantly puts you in that latin mood and both guys style lend themselves to the task with considerable style.

There is no doubt that the instrumental line up (organ, bass, drums, percs everywhere) is one of the main reasons for the Santana connection, but the guitars amplify it too. So good, in fact, are the guitar leads and so closely do their two styles mesh that I am extremely hard pressed to say who is who and I thought I had Kephas's sound and tone down. Oh well, back to the drawing board. Mike-K is, as well as trading licks, the main musical muscle behind the track and he has done an outstanding job of making the whole thing sizzle with energy.

Guitar instrumental par excellence. Most Highly Recommended.

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