Monday, November 24, 2008

Cam's Even Song - You're Gonna Miss Me!

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And now the man who can make music out of anything. Seriously, you name the subject he can write a stirring, effective song to go with it. A song about a computer game?, Cam did it. A song about the woes of computers, Cam did it. Reality TV, burger corporations, nothing is beyond this guy. Ally that to a very likeable, accessible sound and a tongue in cheek style of delivering often brilliant lyrics and you have a working model of the astounding hit machine that is Cam's Even Song. If you think THAT is hyperbole, wait until I really get started...

No, maybe not.

Cam was thinking about people living apart for various reasons when, bish bash bosh a song appears about that very thing. It won me over in an instant when I spotted the very effective gob iron (Ed: he means a mouth organ) fill that introduces the song. 'You’re gonna miss me! , you better pucker up and kiss me!' the lyrics chirp and that should give you a clue that we are facing the more light hearted side of this musicians work. Coloured by the Beatles past, Cam's music reaches out to the listener - especially on these lighter numbers in a way that will plaster a smile on your face within seconds.

As always with Cam's Even Song the song is the thing and You're Gonna Miss Me is a faultless, picture perfect snapshot in all his clowning glory, and yet...and yet. The more you look, the more you find and deep, deep buried amongst all the apparent merriment of the track is an infinite, weary sadness at the vagaries of life. Set in a perfect 1960's pop production this is yet another example of just how many different genres this singer/songwriter can straddle - and all with infinite ease and not a little grace.

Excellent pop. Pucker up and kiss me! Highly Recommended.

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