Sunday, November 30, 2008

Musicarian - Get Your Soul Reborn

Hear The Track Here

Its been a dogs age since I last heard anything by Pakistani based guitarist Salman Anwer (aka Musicarian). Consulting my creaky filing system I notice that the last track I reviewed of his was That's Life (October 2004). For a while during that year this guy was everywhere and then suddenly poof! Four years roll by (but who's counting?) and up he pops again. Now many regular readers will be aware of my love affair with Indian music in general, and indeed many Indian musicians and there is a very good reason for that. In my time at Soundclick I have met some extremely talented musicians from the sub-continent, one of which is the previously lost in action Musicarian.

One of the main reasons I like and respect these musicians is because they are professional to their very core. When it says Jazz Fusion on the label, that's exactly what you are going to get but a thousand miles away from the pallid, lifeless pap that often masquerades as fusion. Musicarian gets his chops in early (as a producer) because the intro will blow you away and it is perfect for the track that follows. Even stretched out at a princely six minutes plus, Get Your Soul Reborn is a slice of guitar heaven that have your jaw on the floor. His music has life, energy, bite and a stupendously clear, deep mix that had my jaw dropping from the getgo.

If Mike K hasn't already spotted this then the man is getting old because THIS is right up his street, in every way I can think of. So, I think it would be fair to say that Musicarian has something in common with fluid, dexterous, emotional geetar players like Kephas, Salman brings a unique slant to the whole affair. For a guitar instrumental to really sway me it has to have fire in its belly and emotion pouring out of every note. Now I don't know whether its because of current events in India or because this really is as good as I think that I am so biased towards it. It might also be that the central message of the song is 'against all the killing in the world. A message to stop killing'. At this moment in time, its an apt reminder that - no matter where we come from - we are all simply human.

First class Jazz Fusion, first class guitarist. MUST HAVE.

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