Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pilesar - Cap'n Fleak

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When someone requests a review, the last thing I would normally expect is a comment like this:
' I've decided to try something a little different this time around. so, what's it going to be? Door #1 Door #2 or Door #3? Choose wisely, your fate is in your hands!' Because this is Pilesar we are talking about I do tend to take the man at his word and nervously chose Door #2 not knowing whether the sky would come crashing down or I would win a million smackeroos. Door 2 led to a track called Cap'n Fleak which piqued my curiousity somewhat because it appeared to be a SONG. Yep, with lyrics. Not something you would normally associate with an artist with Pilesar's intense lean towards the more experimental edges of the experimental genre.

In other words, way, way out there.

While I don't really like (and often merely tolerate) most experimental tracks, Pilesar is a known quantity. As experimental as he often gets there is always a thread of intelligent musical thought running through it and nobody - but NOBODY - can out-weird Pilesar. Believe me, many have tried and all have fallen way short. Shades of The Residents and The Mothers Of Invention shine through almost every lo-fi, ramshackle note of this amiable little song so you really SHOULD have an appreciation of music that may very well sound shit in your ears but breaks ground in many other ways. See, I do understand that most experimental music is indeed viewed as being crap but as always, there is a world of difference in noise for noise sake and Pilesars exercises in musical lunacy.

Fleak is essentially a folk rock (kinda/sorta) tale about Fleak who is 'Like rainman on speed, like shirts without sleeves' and who 'eats corn with his peas' and 'leaps buildings with ease, likes non-dairy cheese' I mean, come on, whats not to like? Seriously its a lot funnier when you hear it with musical accompaniment and shows - yet again - that even completely random Pilesar tracks deliver challenges to overcome. There is no doubt in my mind that Pilesar is one of Soundclick's unsung artists and that his label, Chameleon Dish Archives (already mentioned this month as part of an Antennaheadz review) is one of the freshest labels around for talent that defies most descriptions.

Folk, as only he can do it. Recommended lo-fi musical lunacy.

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