Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Devorah Love - Should I Cry?

Hear The Track Here

On those rare times when I actually manage to get some online time that isn't either promotional or work related, I will often play Soundclick roulette to fill in the time. This consists of adopting a 'do you feel lucky punk?' attitude and just click whatever links appealed to me. Wouldn't it be great if Soundclick instituted a 'Play Random Track' feature? Instead I rely on my reckless click finger and just click anything. It was while doing this one day that I came across Devorah Love (Ed: no surprises for guessing WHY he clicked on that link), a NY based singer/songwriter. Having worked in the area myself and being well aware of the history of this particular breed (female singer/songwriters, NY is bursting with them), I must admit I was surprised to find out fresh and vibrant Devorah's music was.

'Self pity sucks. If I cry will you go away?' Devorah says in the song comments about this excellent diatribe against people who JUST HAVE TO tell you their tragic life stories. Hello? Who gives a shit? Gedda life. Its a sure bet that a song with that sort of slant will definitely interest me from the start, as will its definite pop rock roots and sub-Blondie intro. Speaking of which, here is a case where the intro is so good, the track falls immediately flat as soon as it ends. Not that its that noticeable, I say this because I am a well known nitpicker. At this stage of the proceeeding I'd be sharpening my knives ready to cut some critical havoc and it's in Devorah's favour that she manages to still deliver a track that demands plays - and plenty of them.

Think of any NYC based female singer and you are bound to hear echoes of them in Devorah's work. The strongest influence - for me anyway - is Debbie Harry in her Blondie punk days, but I hear a million others in there too. I think the reason I get this most strongly is because the whole production ethos on this track is heavily slanted towards the do-it-yourself sound and - again credit to her - she pulls it off remarkably well. At the end of the day this is a very enjoyable song performed with tremendous energy and drive, if a little rough around the sonic edges. So if you think I'm only trying to foist yet another pretty face onto you, just be aware that this has already been a #1 Pop track on Soundclick and that says everything. Well deserved, I say and I'll be watching this artist for more of the same.

Excellent, punky pop. Highly Recommended.

(and here is the video even)

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