Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dan E Peck - The Demize

Hear The Track Here

Judging by the response to my last review of this Peoria, AZ based rock guitarist on Soundclick, this is another MP3 Unsigned artist who could do well by being on both sites. Dan is one of those rare guitarists who instinctively know what to do. Sure, a lot of that would be down to experience but it also - IMHO anyway -might have a lot to do with Dan being self taught. Musicians who teach themselves instruments just for the heck of it tend to stretch themselves considerably more than musicians who have been taught how to play. They don't know, for example, that some of the things they do should but done but hey, proof is in the pudding. It works. If you think I'm jonking go listen to Peace Pipe (October 2008) which was an absolute must have for me - being a long time admirer of good lead guitarists.

The Demize was apparently written 'some 13-14 years ago' and was performed by Dan and his late brother, who this track is dedicated to. Obviously this is a re-mastered version because - as usual - the sound fidelity spot on; a regular thing with this excellent rock musician. Anyone who likes guitar slingers (as Dan calls them) and/or plank spankers (my name for lead guitarists) is seriously remiss if they don't have at least some of Dan's work tucked away on their hard drive - and getting played regularly into the bargain.

I had the good fortune a couple of weeks ago to see Jeff Beck live and Dan Peck has a lot of the attributes that make Jeff Back such a hero to me. Everywhere you look on the internet you are going to see rock bands, let's face it they are two a penny. Good (even great) rock guitarists are much, much thinner on the ground. The essence to me of making truly stunning lead guitar instrumentals is to make them different and - if you can and have the dexterity - to make them [i]listenable[/i] - please note my emphasis. Dan E Peck is one of the very few unknown guitarists who can do both and long may he keep making such gems as there. Bloody marvellous. Top Class guitarist, top class instrumental, jaw dropping licks.


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