Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fear 2 Stop - Diabetes

Hear The Track Here

Never a band to shirk a challenge, Houston TX based Fear 2 Stop now decide to tackle a subject that most people don't have a clue about: diabetes. It's actually a subject I am personally familiar with having lost a member of my own family and a couple of friends to this disease, and not something to be taken lightly. Not that Billy, Dana and Raymond have ever taken anything lightly in their lives. Certainly they are one of the most uncompromising bands on Soundclick if not the world, for as long as I have been on Soundclick they have forged their own, very distinctive path. Of course it might not be a path to many other people would tread down because a lot of F2S's music is on the wilder edges of experimental.

If you don't believe me, listen to the first twenty seconds of this track, it will either send you screaming for the exit or re-arranging your strait-jacket so you feel a little more comfortable. Ever since I have known them Fear 2 Stop have approached their music in two ways, lead lines and various boings, clonks, whirrs and buzzes supplied by the kind of analog sounds that would - these days - be called retro. Ally this with a ever shifting quicksand of rhythmic fukry, usually nailed down by some way eccentric drumming and you would have the recipe for making a track like Diabetes.

Yeah bert, you ask, is it any good?

Well, regular readers will already know that Fear 2 Stop are most definitely an acquired taste; you either like them straight away (probably for daring to be different) or you will spit them out explosively and dash off to be copiously sick. Personally, I have more than a grudging respect for this band, even though I couldn't truthfully say I like/understand the bulk of their work. Nonetheless, what they do HAS impoved immensely over the years and tracks like Diabetes show that to a huge degree. It may be sonically painful but its well put together painfulness. Besides, there are always painkillers on tap in my household, it's a prerequisite if you have small children. Warped electronica from Soundlclick veterans.

Not for the foolhardy but definitely a Highly Recommended for fans.

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