Thursday, November 13, 2008

David Pendragon and Tribe World Ensemble - Downloading Life

Hear The Track Here

The internet, as we know, is not exactly a great place for grand and extravagant projects. The vagaries of computers and music creation is bad enough, but mix that up with the vagaries of online life and the ups and down of the internet itself and you wonder how any meaningful collaborations happen at all. Therefore, God knows how Australian musician David Pendragon managed to pull together a grand total of 25 musicians from Europe, the USA, Canada, the UK, India, Singapore and all points south. Just getting it all together is a monumental task (with the emphasis on mental probably) let alone getting any decent tracks done. The only other Tribe Ensemble track I have reviewed, Lay Down Your Guns (March 2008) is a great song that got a Must Have rating from me.

Obviously I am not the only one a bit in awe of what this amazing orchestra can do because they have some very envious stats already and that always speaks louder than words. David Pendragon is not the musical lynchpin for this track but an old mate of mine, the legendary mOOch, a familiar figure on the older POP site. So not only do I get to keep up with someone whose music I have liked in the past, but I get to wax lyrical about what a peice of sonic art these geezers have cooked up between them. mOOch is the man responsible for the absolutely outstanding music, performance and production on the track, David supplied the lyrics and an excellent set of vocal pipes to stir the whole thing along.

As good as a lot of unsigned music is (and it REALLY is) it's actually rare to come across something that I would consider finished. Although I slide things through because the track touched me somehow, when a track gets a must have from me it has to be a) brilliant OR b) different or c) a combination of both. Anything, I got to tell you, that either mOOch or David Pendragon set their hands to is going to be at least a and b, but even I got to admit that they covered the c with spectacular results too. Downloading Life has such an air of confidence about it when I first played it, I had a smile wide for exactly 4:07 minutes, which funnily enough is the exact duration of the track. Despite my critical largesse I am not normally bowled over by first impressions, and the more I played this the deeper I fell in love. Great music, stirring vocals, inspirational lyrics...I mean come on.....

A perfect 10. Awesome track. MUST HAVE

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