Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Antennaheadz - A Modern Secret

Hear The Track Here

If you carelessly clicked on the website link above expecting to see the familiar visage of one Thomas J (aka The Antennaheadz) you will now be venting a few wtf's. I know this may be a bit jarring to you but that's a very familiar feeling around Pilesar because - lo and behold - that is the site you end up at. Pilesar and Thomas J? Surely a match created by tiny demonic imps with the voices of chipmunks and the even, placid temper of a silverback gorilla on the rampage? Pilesar, as well as being a musician of some note is also the proud owner of one of the best labels on Soundclick, the aptly named Chameleon Dish Archive. Put it like this, if you like music that is challenging, bizarre, often lol funny, then Chameleon Dish Archive will supply all the main food groups.

A Modern Secret is another track from the CDA Thomas J EP Let Them Down Gently and - as you may have noticed - is actually released under his own name. When I reviewed Everyone is Weird (October 2008) I went overboard as usual because I really like where Thomas has been going with his music. Sure its usually basic, often kinda lo-fi but hey I got to tell you its also got a lot of charm and a cracking song to go with it. Moreover, it's a sound that Thomas seems to have made his own. Put it like this, these days I look forward to hearing tracks from this artist, believe me it was not always so.

Speaking of cracking songs, you GOT to get a listen to this...

I know I have a bad case of this artist but when push comes to push with me, the song is always the main factor and - because of Thomas's particular style - this is a killer from the opening piano chords to the outro piano chords. As you know, you can never have enough pianos. Which is probably all to the good really because A Modern Secret is pretty much all piano, vocal and not much else. Might sound cheap and cheerful but the reality of the track soons dispels the 'well it can' be up to much' impulse I usually associate with such lineups. The difference is, of course, the song itself and A Modern Secret should not be so secret for long. All this bodes extremely well for both Thomas J and Chameleon Dish Archive because so far they are onto an absolute blinder.

MUST HAVE (oh yeah) but beware, not yer normal thing.

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