Wednesday, November 26, 2008

AvMo - Mo is Allright

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I know, I know but I didn't make up the title did I? Anyway, its alright innit? Sooo, where was I? Ah yes Avmo (aka Morris Avrashi) is a Canadian rock artist I've encountered a couple of times in the past and we both seem to have survived it. Although I have liked his style and musical ability something about the two tracks I have heard means the jury is still out on this artist. Can't even point at anything the guy is doing wrong either, as both of my past reviews state quite clearly, it just hasn't grabbed me yet. Ah well, another day another dollop...

AvMo bills this as ' low down and dirty rock&roll'. Them's big boots to fill.

It sounds low down and dirty, with the vocal to match first time around, although it has some problems deciding just how it wants to sound, low down or sweet and sassy. This comes about because of the backing vocals, a soft '60s sound, sounds at odds with the rest of the track. It works, nonetheless, and you can't argue with that coming across as a rough and ready testament to early rock. Continued playing however started to show some real problems - at least for me, most people would probably not notice.

There is a real bad timing problem in this track and at times the drumtrack is well off what's happening in the music. I didn't really pick up on it at first, but the more I played the track the more obvious it became. The first minute or so goes down quite with nothing that makes me go eh? It's after that first minute that things start to move weirdly and no, it ain't the drugs. Again, I am a well known nit picker and again, Mo hasn't given me much to pick apart and most people will probably never notice. What they will notice is a reasonable rock song with a nice line in smart talk.

Recommended 'down and dirty' rock.

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