Sunday, November 09, 2008

Buzrk - Dream Conqueror

Hear The Track Here

Most of my attention as far as beatmakers go this past few months has been on the excellent Sinima Beats, but Soundclick veterans Shadowville Productions still play a major part in the beats factory scene. Dream Conqueror is yet another Shadowville joint and a good riff it is too, if a little overused in this Buzrk track. I've reviewed a good many of Buzrk's tracks and have often found him to be entertaining enough, especially after a not very inspiring start. Like a lot of home produced rappers, Buzrk's quality does tend to fluctuate somewhat but - in general - he is a competent enough rapper who is probably building a following.

I know that sounds like damning with faint praise but, as far as this reviewer is concerned, he has yet to deliver a solid enough track to really knock me on my ass. The music track plays around with a 1930's/1940's violin line and is particularly effective until you realise that the main riff stretches out without pause (pretty much) for the whole four minutes of this tracks life. A point in Buzrk's favour is that as wordy as the rap it, it doesn't step over the musical track which is something he has been guilty of in the past.

At the end of the day, liking this rapper or that is going to be a question of personal taste based on flow and lyrical power, and again Buzrk hasn't hit me enough yet. I am sure that he definitely has his own sound and flow and I have become used to it over the time I have been reviewing his tracks. Hand on my heart, I think again that, as far as my own personal taste goes, Buzrk tends to overdo the rap and even strains sometimes to fit it all in. Now obviously that has to be a personal thing because I'm sure he could just as easily find people who would say his rap is fine. All a question of preference I guess.

Recommended home produced rap.

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