Thursday, November 08, 2007

Sumit - Changes

Hear The Track Here

S'always nice to start off a new month of reviews with new artists, and doubly so this time because Sumit (or Sumit Attempt, not sure which) is from India - an area of specific interest for this reviewer. The quality and style of most of the Indian artists I have had the pleasure of reviewing has been outstandingly high (viz Omnisine, Prash, Close et al) so I approached this first track from Sumit with a certain amount of anticipation. Not always a good thing, but hey, I like to live dangerously. So, apparently, does Sumit because his main genre is Blues Rock and if that ain't living on the edge of the abyss, I don't know what is. So, he's a guitarist and he cites both Jimi and Jeff as musical influences and that sold me before I heard note one.

Tell you one thing about Indian musicians that always get my respect. Unfailingly, to a man or woman, their feel for the genre is faultless and - considering their own musical environment - that is some achievement. Changes is 'a song about life as I've known it' according to the man himself who I also assume is responsible for everything I am hearing. In which case, take a bow maestro. There are some American musicians who could only WISH they sounded this laid back and cool. The vocal, although punching a little underweight showed that not only can Sumit shred a mean axe, he can also do a reasonably good impersonation of David Bowie when called upon.

All in all, Changes does nothing whatsoever to tarnish the reputations of Indian musicians and much to elevate it further. No problem musically then and certainly no problem with the no-nonsense straight ahead mix that accompanied it. Structurally, Changes is much more country blues than yer average and decidely American in feel and delivery and - I have to say this - it is wonderful to hear a skilled slide guitar in action for a change. I could have done with hearing more of the backing organ but that's because I have a fetish for that sound, especially when used in a classic rock arrangement such as the one Changes frolics in. Sure, I know that blues isn't everybody's poison, and a country tinged blues at that but I give this the rating I do because - given the genre - this is some of the best you are likely to hear.

MUST HAVE Country Blues. From India.


sheela said...

Sumit is the best! Thank you, Steve.Why don't you comment on
many more Indian artistes.

Steve Gilmore said...

I would Sheela, and I do as you can see. However, the only Indian artists I find come from the sites I mention. Maybe you could direct a few you know to me. Thanks for commenting.