Friday, November 09, 2007

Christopher Martin Hansen - Caravan

Hear The Track Here

It's probably shameful the amount of praise that I have heaped on the shoulders of Christopher Martin Hansen, but I have no concept of shame so nrr to you all and here's a new lot. See, I happen to think CMH is one of the very best guitarists around and in his field (acoustic) on Soundclick there is no one to touch him. With the amount of tracks that slide my way its often hard to keep up with most of an artists output but Christopher Martin Hansen is one of those artists I just cannot resist collecting. I saw a forum comment about this but didn't pay that much attention until I came to track down the track (as it were). I finally found a copy on Songplanet (that's the link above) so - despite CMH declining a review after submitting it. In my world, if its already on my hard drive (aha, wots this??) then it will damn well sit still and be reviewed.

Come on, how can I resist??

Caravan is a track from Chris's Leaning Toward Oblivion album and although it's billed as a world track (it does have elements of a world feel), the lead lines have more in common with yer average common or garden rock. There is a notable section of backwards shenannigans in the intro because I got an immediate Beatles reference or two almost from the first listen, but there again most everything this guitarist does is notable. What I must admit I didn't expect was the heavy guitar style CMH brings to this particular party, showing that he can wail as well as wassail. For sure, Caravan is a marked departure from the tracks he has become known for, and it took me a while to fully warm to it because of that.

Nonetheless, with the right combination of plays, Caravan starts clicking into place like the well oiled machine it is. I have never been in any doubt about Chris's performance ability and talent but this track also highlights him as a spot on, wide-screen producer of the most modern sort. Hard where it needs to be, supplying the light and air we have become used to from this artist. The most surprising element of this track was the enhanced production and mix, which just goes to show that whatever else is going on, CMH keeps learning and applying, learning and applying...

Excellent world flavoured Guitar God track. Highly Recommended.

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