Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fear 2 Stop - Attic Stomping

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Precariously perched right on the very edge of this months review list, Fear 2 Stop are nothing if not edgy. Listen ANYONE who can get away with a track called The Infamous Yellow Vagina Song has got to like riding lifes rollercoaster. They have been a bit quiet this year but I can forgive them everything for giving me a Track Of The Year 2006 with Dishevelled, a track that - if you knew the band from a few years ago - would surprise the hell out of you. It did me, and since then Fear 2 Stop have turned the corner on their more outre style and become - if not rich and famous - one of Soundclicks finest experimental artists.

Wooaaahh, bit rich...

This year fear 2 Stop have gathered a couple of Highly Recommendeds and a Must Have so it's not been exactly quiet, and there is always room for one more. Attic Stomping sounds like a return to the Fear 2 Stop of old, but with that added production chops. Sad to say it doesn't make the music any more baffling than it was back in the day, but hey it sure sounds a lot better than it did then. Over the years, I've heard so many different facets of this band that I guess I must be somewhat immune to what they may offer the newcomer but I sincerely hope that the said newcomer isn't of the unwary persuasion.

See, Fear 2 Stop in hard experimental style can be a shock to the system and well worthy of the 'wtf' uttered by almost everybody. Had I my druthers (who fekkin stole 'em anyway?) I would point this alleged unwary newcomer to the more commercial side of this excellent band such as Dishevelled, Givin In or even the Knapkin Fairy as a better introductory note. I'm not sure about this (who could be?) but there may well be errors on this track concerning levels and an unusally abrupt ending. There again, knowing this band, they could have done it on purpose.

Again, for fans only probably.

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