Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cam's Even Song - Artist Overview

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For some totally spaced out reason I seem to have two Cam's Even Song tracks for review this month; Dot Common and Lately all the Leaves are Falling Down so I might as well combine them and explain something. As many of you know, Cam's Even Song was my Artist Of The Year 2006 and like all such mythical beasts, I like to keep track of where it goes from there (Ed: can only go up innit??). It's a fact that he hasn't had the barnstormer of a year as last, but that kind of quality and pace takes it out of a body - even one as consistent as Cam. It's also true that I haven't fielded that many reviews for him this year either, whether that's because he has been slowing down some or he doesn't want to deluge me is anyones guess. Bring it on I say - as always.

So here we are, almost exactly a years since those heady days, what's been happening in Cam World?

Lately all The Leaves are Falling Down is brand new, having only been uploaded at the beginning of the month and shows Cam in his Quasi Bob (Dylan) pants. It's a touch more idiosyncratic than his more commercial feel but dedicated fans and listeners will warm to it immediately, as did I. The music is a lot looser in style than some of his work, but when the base is essentially country rock, it doesn't matter overly much. Whatever else is said, this is yet another classic Cam song, as only he can deliver. Yes, I'm certain he is an acquired taste but there are a great many people who have the habit. There is a lovely chorus on Lately all The Leaves... that will have you snared in about two plays, even though some of the vocals are a bit odd...

Speaking of which, Dot Common will also strike you as odd too, but probably only for the first play. Musically, Cam's work has always reminded me of both the Beatles and Mr Zimmerman, he kinda veers drunkenly between the two points and that has always been one of his greatest assets. Dot Common is Cam in beatle-ish Psychedelic Rock territory and - like Lately All The Leaves - has a kind of looseness to it that is initially offputting. Second or third listens soon iron out that problem, if indeed it is a problem in the first place. Judging by what I am hearing Cam well be messing about with some new kit again because these tracks are quite a different sound to previous outings. Out of the two tracks I find it hard to say which one I liked best because they both have lots to offer. Nothing new there then? ;)

Catch Cam. Excellent shades of rock, terrific songs. Highly Recommended.

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