Thursday, November 29, 2007

dtrg - Nighlight (Doxology)

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Not only does this artist have a name that sounds like someones cat strayed across the keyboard, but he's going to take us back fifteen years in time too!! See, who needs television? Your panic may be assuaged somewhat when I tell you that our guide for this track is none other than One Kids Lunch member Dave - or okl dave as he's more often known. Dtrg (sorry, I refuse to start a sentence off without a cap no matter what the artist thinks) is a younger, leaner, fitter okl dave then, and I bet he's hating me right around now for pointing out that he's no longer any of those things.

(reviewer falls over laughing) Ahem, s'cuse me. Slight fault on the line.

Nightlight (Doxology) is 'a lullabye I wrote for myself in a bleak time ' and if that didn't set the alarm bells racing, then nothing short of global warming will. As befits a member of so lauded an outfit, Dave generally has something to offer, albeit in his usual soft rock stylee. Nightlight (Doxology) is in most senses a lullabye; a beautifully played and realised peice of music to lull you into the arms of the Sandman. OK, y'all can stop all that yawning because as relaxing as it may seem, there's a lot in it that will keep me awake listening too. If it works for me, who knows anyone has a chance.

Its basically an extended guitar peice ranging from percussive harmonics (a most impressive beginning) through some splendid acoustic lead playing and even bordering on the heavier side of rock towards the end. All in all, I found it a great listen, especially the sound of the instruments - nothing like a well played guitar is there? I'm not whether this partic-you-lar version is fifteen years old, or just the birth of the track. Sounds a bit too good to have been made such a long time ago, ya know. There again, knowing his style, I wouldn't want to bet the farm on that.

Highly Recommended guitar instrumental and a MUST HAVE for OKL fans.

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