Tuesday, November 27, 2007

M J K - This Is Goodbye

Hear The Track Here

Third time around for Florida's M J K, an absolutely knockout singer (go to his page, pick a track ANY track) and one I have been pleased to review in the past thanks to that talent. Note that I don't EVER use the word talent lightly; take it to the bank that when I use that in any context it means they are usually way above the unsigned norm. These are artists I consider should be signed artists but - unless things change - probably won't be because they are just too good. Believe me, I've seen it happen thousands upon thousands of times. It's heartening to see that artists of such quality and professionalism have an outlet and an audience (although you really have to work for it), and it benefits us net music junkies enormously because you get to hear some of the most righteous music this side of heaven.

Speaking of which...

This Is Goodbye has provided MJK with his first Soundclick #1, which is not as easy as it seems and if that ain't proof and indication of my opening statements, then I don't know what is. Wait! Yes I do. Listening to the track will convince even the hardest of hearts that here is a real talent - a great singer, with an equally great song. To wish for some stunning arrangement, and a production quality second to none would seem like wishing for the moon with most artists but with someone of MJK's calibre that comes built in as standard. The simplicity of the arrangement serves brilliantly to highlight and boost the inherent confidence of the performance.

Ultimately though it's the way this guy uses his knowledge and experience to deliver the kind of vocal performance you haven't heard since the early days of Stevie Wonder - who this track reminds me of slightly. R&B then, but I put my money my where my mouth is, I bet you will not hear a finer example of a much denigrated (by me usually) genre, anywhere on the planet. When I reviewed Never Loved Me (February 2007) I loved it from the get go and rated it a Must Have. I'm not sure that this one isn't even better than that so does that make it a Must Have, Must Have? Whatever it is, I can sum it all up neatly it one little word.


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