Sunday, November 11, 2007

MSL - Overcoming Obstacles (Part 1)

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Now for an artist who is not new to me from MP3 Unsigned. When I first encountered MSL when I reviewed Keep It High (October 2005) I wrote that 'there is plenty of room for this duo to grow into, I'd say expect some big things from them' and events proved that to be the case. They carried in experimenting with tracks right throughout the rest of 2005 and into 2006 when they changed direction; A Revering Site (July 2006) was - if anything - a classically derived peice and not a bad example at that. Since that track, and my absence from MP3 Unsigned for the past few months, I haven't heard anything from MSL and it's way past time to rectify that error. Two years on then, and the duo has turned into a singleton (Michael Scott Levi) and gone into (gulp) Soundtracks.

Sorry but as you know, any kind of film music gives me the heaves - unless, of course, it comes complete with film. Still, I have liked this artists classical side in the past so..... Apparently, MSL has been suffering from writers block (don't we all?) so Overcoming Obstacles is his reply to that and considering he had been suffering, it's plain he shouldn't be any more. 'Its orchestral and epic' he says in the song comments and I'd have to say that sums it up perfectly. Considering the kind of track it is, classical in everything but name, you would probably have expected it to be longer than two and a half minutes but that's what you get. The real question is, is it a good, worthwhile two and a half minutes?

I certainly have no quibble with the track itself, stylistically or technically and beleive me I spent some time looking. Overcoming Obstacles is a fine peice of music, should you happen to be classically inclined - always a hard genre to nail authentically. Mind you, I have commented on MSL's ability to do this both in tone and texture; some of the instrument sounds he is using on this track are just plain gorgeous. The piano tone in particular is well suited to the track, although you'll have to get through the intro before that happens. I want music like this to stir and move me and this is one track that does manage to do that on most levels. Having put my predjudice aside for anything labelled soundtrack, I'm sure you could also appreciate a beautifully tasteful classical peice that shouldn't be kept within such narrow boundaries.

Highly Recommended orchestral magic

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