Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Da Luck Ent - The Go (Chicago)

Hear The Track Here

I don't know whether having two tracks of the same genre back to back in my review list is good but sometimes it just happens, as it does with this track and IQ's Go Home which it was paired with. As well as showing two quite different looks at pretty much the same style, it shows just how broad a church Hip Hop is. I've heard Da Luck Ent's Young Kannon a lot by this stage (The Go is one of his raps) and liked what he does mostly although the line between what gets me and what doesn't in this genre is pretty thin. This is especially true for rappers because I EXPECT them to dazzle me with words but, unfortunately, not many do and that's a great loss.

Young Kannon certainly more than holds up his own though, and his 'This Ain't Working Out' earned an extremely rare Must Have from me. Hip Hop in general hasn't earned that many of those, and rap in particular even less. Whereas that track was a bit of a departure (it featured two rappers) The Go is back to standard Young Kannon; a beat and arrangement that harks back to when the music was fresh and exciting and a rap flow that lays back into the track enough to make it sound effortless. Can't put my hand on my heart and say that I liked this track enough to keep it because - to be honest - it's a little too 'in the hood' even for me.

However, that is definitely a stylistic opinion because the track - despite its initial impression of sparseness - sounds hard, modern and pointed at the more commercial side of this genre. One of the game concessions that has held me transfixed over the past few years has been the Need For Speed racing simulations. Part of that lure has been the sheer adrenaline rush of the game itself, and some for the hardcore hip hop/rap soundtrack that goes with the game. It introduced me to some gerat artists I probably wouldn't have heard otherwise. The reason I mention this is because The Go could easily have been one of those tracks.

Highly Recommended.

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