Sunday, November 18, 2007

Authist & Dub One! - La Cantina (Remastered)

Hear The Track Here

Readers of these reviews may remember this duo, although you would have had to have been reading this insane twaddle for many years now - and God knows what that does to yer average brain, let alone a musicians. It's almost exactly three years since I last encountered them except for a couple of Friday Night Live review sessions on Popspace's sister site. Damn shame because I particularly liked their style but Soundclick wasn't - and isn't - their prime hangout. While its true that I would be happy to listen to every peice of music ever made, with my schedule its hard to keep up with the ones I like who I deal with on a daily basis, let alone artists like Authist & Dub One! who I bump into every now and again. Still, maybe the next track won't be three years in the waiting ;)

I must admit I was a bit surprised when I noticed the Latin genre tag, but hey these guys do turn their hands to almost any musical style known to man - and usually make a damn fine job of it too. OK, all well and good when you like the genre, but what about when you don't? I can't say I like the style particularly, especially the Central/South American strains but thankfully La Cantina isn't built that way. It has more of an American sound to it, especially in the crystal clear production and the Kenny G soundalike tootling horn. That element of the track grated on me somewhat but only because I have a pathological hatred for all things Kenny G.

While its true that La Cantina has an undeniable easy listening slant, there is no denying also the amount of work, thought and deed went into making and producing such a beast. The style may bring me out in festering blisters but damn it, Authist & Dub One! do it so well I find myself forgiving them even while my skin crawls with distaste. That, my friends, is a very neat trick indeed. So, my own personal hate file aside, most people will like this lively, well thought out track, especially if the description I have given is ringing the right bells. It's certainly as classy as peice of music as any out there and better in many ways, even though it doesn't overcome my own mountain of predjudice.

Class Latin workout from some old friends. Highly Recommended for the light of heart.

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