Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tom Aragon - Deal With The Devil

Hear The Track Here

Although Tom Aragon is a new name to me, and I suspect Soundclick too. it's also possible that a good many people already know of him. At least you might be inclined to think that way when his SC webpages proudly states ' considered by many to be one of the most gifted artists on'. A large claim for sure but one I suspect Tom is only too willing to back up. After all, it would be pretty dumb to say something like that on Soundclick which is full of refugees. Seriously I have met a TON of brilliant artists from, so a claim like that would have me doing my usual research (Ed: he means grubbing for dirt). Lo and behold, Tom Arargon is extremely well known,he has a least two CD's out for sale that I can see and probably a shedload more too. So what does he do? Mmmmmm, let's see....

Welp judging from all I read, and the example of the tracks on his Soundclick page, Tom looks to do a bit of everything from electronica through new age and classical. Nothing though prepared me for the whack upside the head that Deal With The Devil came with. The last thing I would have have expected was good, old-fashioned blues rock. Not just an unsigned kinda rough-assed blues rock either, but a sharp, pointy stick of a track that will poke your eye out if you don't treat it with a bit of care. Although I may quibble (slightly) about some of the production and mix, it is beyond doubt a highly professional job all round. Deal With the Devil was produced by David Hayden of which me learn more when the artist responds to this review.

Deal With The Devil is a thoroughly professional job all round, musically, technically and lyrically, as good as anything you are likely to hear out there in the real world. Tom's vocal style verges on a Doors stylee at certain times - or is it that the whole track sounds like the Doors so he sings that way to fit in? Whatever it is, it works and it works a treat. For my money, when this track is cranked up and powering up your couple of braincells, it's about as hot as it gets. As if all that weren't enough, there is some inspired gob-iron (Ed: I think he means harmonica) playing that sends shivers down my spine. Can't hear that sound often enough.

Class all the way. Inspired blues rock. Highly Recommended.

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