Thursday, November 08, 2007

Project Overseer - Eastern Passion

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Being the musical slut I am, I see nothing wrong with having several net homes at once. Eggs, baskets and all that bollocks, know what I mean? One of the newest places I have started hanging out is Popspace, a website created by one Chris Bishop. Nice place it is too, and still at that small, intimate stage so get it while the getting is good. It's also nice to re-acqaint myself with Chris and his myriad of friends and - of course - it gives me chance to catch up with some names I personally haven't heard for a while. As a consequence, five of the tracks I am reviewing this month come from Popspace, and what better way to begin than with the boss man himself?

Step forward Project Overseer...

Ah, now you know who this is, at least those of you who have been around Soundclick for more than a few days. Just in case, Project Overseer made a very substantial noise on Soundclick a couple of years ago before going off and starting the excellent original POP site (Popspace is an offshoot of that). Anyfekkinhow, I got to know Chris first through his musical work; a heady blend of a million different sounds all bound up in Chris's unique musical vision. Technically and musically, I found Project Overseer much to my taste but kind of lost track of him a lot more once he got into the webbier side of things. I still have some of his early tracks hanging around somewhere so that should tell you a thing or two. Morever, let's face it, ANYTHING that has Eastern in front of it is my kinda track...

I've always been a fan of that strange way Indian music has with the use of violins; of which this is a classical example. Eastern Passion is a track redolent with atmosphere, classy instrumentation and a insistent pull that has you quickly hooked. Great finish has always been a feature of Project Overseer's work and Eastern Passion has the kind of production and mix
most of us would give a bodily part for. Given its title, it should be fairly obvious that this is a World Music track, and one of a very high order. Not sure exactly who does what (or even whether this is all just Chris) but hey, with a track of this obvious quality, who cares? There are people who say I flatter some artists, and I suppose that there is some truth in that, but I always make sure I have the music to back it up with, and Eastern Passion is a great example of that excellence.

MUST HAVE World music.

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