Friday, November 09, 2007

Matt Wong - Eternity (FFX-2 Remix)

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God alone knows that I spent enough time whinging on last month about all the tracks I got from MP3 Unsigned were Trance of some kind. Not my favourite dish at the best of times but - surprisingly enough - most of the tracks acquitted themselves well. Seems that I am to get no respite this month either because the first one out of the bag is indeed Trance, of a most recognisable kind. If I am a fan of the genre it is definitely because I like the whole Final Fantasty like a lot of red blooded males, and a lot of other Japanese Anime into the bargain. Now Tifa, don't get me started on that!... Anyway, dragging my mind from the gutter yet again, I have liked much of the musical accompaniment to these games, so I didn't expect too much of a shock on hearing this track. I have to say here that I have been way too busy on other things lately to even look at a game but I've certainly eyeballed the product.

As one does.

The kind of trance that I will always associate with the images of Ibiza and figures such as DJ Tiesto (cited as an influence by Matt) has always been a real hit and miss affair for me. I can certainly understand how much more you might get out of the whole dancing in the sunshine out of your brains experience then love the track because of that, but getting to like this music from a standing start has always been a struggle for me. So I like bits of the genre, particularly a good sequencer line and some nice filtering - all of which take part in the proceedings of this track. All well and good then, because even for a philistine like me, there is something here to chew over.

While it will sound obviously generic (kinda goes with the territory) to most people, it's certainly nothing that the artist should be beating himself up about. Yeah yeah, believe me I've heard a lot, lot worse. There is nothing wrong with the track structurally, it flows well as indeed it should and if you are a big fan of the genre then there is lots to this track you will like. For me, as always this will always come down to a personal choice because it isn't a style I get into much - and then usually only by playing the game it's attached to. As a respectful nod back to the way Trance sounded back in the day, this is excellent stuff and shouts that Matt has lots to offer. I worked on a DJ Sammy remix a few years back and this has much of the same feel and style; the more you listen the more it will get to you.

Recommended Trance.

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