Friday, November 16, 2007

Lucie Dubue and John Collins - Sometimes

Hear The Track Here

You can stop scratching your heads, this is the artist formerly known as John and Lucie Collins and YES I have reviewed Sometimes before and indeed I have on a couple of their tracks (Voices In The Night I think) but hey, sometimes its nice to hear the finished thing ya know? Considering that I don't really like ballads, show tunes or some of the other things John and Lucie have done, I have to say that I do like their style even if the material isn't to my taste. He is a very competent and knowledgable musician and producer and she has the looks and voice of an angel so how could it not work?

At the beginning of this year (I think) John and Lucie got involved with noted producer Art Munson through their daughter Alyssa and before this starts turning into a soap plotline, this year they have spent honing and perfecting the tracks John and Lucie have online. I've heard several versions of Sometimes, the last being in August 2006 when I wrote 'although I'll wait for the final mix of this track, I WILL be keeping some version of this and that's for sure' because it is and was a terrific song full of enough energy and emotion to fuel a small city. I do like what used to be called 'torch songs' and Sometimes is a classic example of the breed.

So, here it is. The final version.

All of the things that made the original track are here, but some with some major tweaking, especially with the addition of a vocal backing arrangement that could have only come from the mind of a master of the art. Tell you the truth though, the mix seems a little too clean to me but hey, it does the job more than very well. In some ways it's this understated production that raises the bar on this particular song because it allows all the little nuances now in this track to come through with equal weight. If you have heard this before and liked it, this IS the definitive version and then some. The choir is nothing short of inspirational and whoever thought of it deserves a medal. As professional a track as you are ever likely to hear - online or off it.

Excellent power ballad. Highly Recommended.

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