Friday, November 16, 2007

Stella Polaris Project - The Question

Hear The Track Here

Here's a question that's been rattling around my brain for a while; what has twenty fingers and two filthy minds? Well I don't know cos I guess I'm too old to be thinking about it, but I do know such an entity has a name - Stellar Polaris Project. This is the second track I've heard from this duo from MP3 Unsigned comprising of Ricky Mancini (aka MD-1 Project) and Melinda Mohn. Although I know Ricky mostly through his own work, Melinda came as a surprise to me, and the combination of the harder edginess of Mr Mancini and the cool sophistication of Ms Mohn made for one great track. Yep, Hello Anonymous was a splendid introduction to them and it still gets played on a regular basis. All the signs of a keeper, in fact.

Which is nice.

Now, of course, I know what to expect, but do I? See what I wasn't expecting was a musical flashback, almost so vidid that I could taste the acid in my mouth, the first time I put The Question through its paces. To be sure, it isn't as out there as some of Ricky's wilder excursions but by God this is some complex, complicated track that has a surprise around every corner but none more so than the vocal sweepout at the end, my own personal favourite. I've always been a fan of musicians who push the envelope so I'm bound to like bands like PIL (Public Image Limited) or Killing Joke both of whom - surprisingly enough - crop up as influences in this track and yeah, I like it. A lot more experimental then Hello Anonymous for sure, but still undeniably a creation of this very innovative combination. The music could have stood alone on its own merits and got much the same reaction, but throw Melinda in the mix and it just gets better and better.

Her soaring, swooping voice is used to great effect in this track, pinning down what is so obviously the most slippery track you have ever heard. One of those tracks that has you stupified from the first note wondering wtf is gonna happen next. For me, it's just over three minutes seems to last around the same amount of seconds. There is so much to pick out of this track it's gonna take forever. As much as I liked what they did on Hello Anonymous, I have to say that I much prefer this side of the duo. A dark, edgy masterpeice (nay tour-de-fekkin-force) that will have you gasping for breath every second of it. It's a given that you should like the more experimental side of life, but this also has an atmosphere you could cut with a knife.

MUST HAVE. Knockout experimental track.

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