Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Legendary Fred Miller - The Corporate World

Hear The Track Here

The last time the (alleged)endary Fred Miller and I met, it wasn't a pretty sight. Oh, we didn't resort to fisticuffs or anything so brutish but it was obvious that we weren't going to see eye to eye musically. At least not for a while anyway. A Light In The Darkness (September 2007) was folk rock but of the most basic kind, although Fred acquitted himself well vocally. Just the instrumentation and musical performance that was a bit lacking, as was some fairly glaring basic recording errors. As I said at the time, I have a lot of time for what I refer to as American folk music and although A Light In The Darkness nodded in that general direction it was never going to be enough. Especially given that the competition is fierce in every which way; it's getting harder and harder to get yourself heard.

I mentioned in that review that Fred was probably going to be an acquired taste and if that were to be so, you would probably fare better by listening to this track to see exactly what this artist is about. It's actually a nice blend of the original folk ethos and modern rock and although you may compare it some of the majors, you can still make out the bulge in Fred's cheek where his tongue is. I must admit I wasn't looking forward to hearing this track (based on my past experience anyway) but I'm actually glad I've been able to get a more balanced look at this musician.

There is a lovely lope to this track that I found most relaxing allowing the song to soak in. As I said, vocally it's odd and even quirky but it works extremely well, especially when the backing vocals kick in. A prime component there is a vocal bassline that is pure country, pulling the chorus up by its bootstraps. Not quite sure what The Corporate World is all about, so yes Fred, posting lyrics would be very cool. There are some great touches to this track that you pull out long after you first started to play it, and that just about gets it said. Put it like this, I liked this because of its individual, idiosyncratic style (especially the chorus) but I'd think even you - yes you - may very well 'get this'

A nice blend of folk and country. Highly Recommended.

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