Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pidgeman - Misery Loves Company

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Pidgeman is a new name to me, this time from MP3 Unsigned and has the singular honour to finally rescue me from the almost constant electronica/trance diet I have had from that site since I started picking up reviews from there again. Moreover, Pidgeman promises to deliver some of my favourite; rock, and for that the man is like an oasis in the desert. Aaah burt, you sigh, rock can cover up a multitude of sins can't it? Yep, gotta agree with that but when you see the amount of downloads/comments and ratings this track has had from MP3 Unsigned's listening audience (a notoriously hard crowd to please), it bodes well

Craig Matthews is the Pidgeman in question and makes an excellent job of entertaining me with his special brand of pop rock and there's no doubt that he knows the moves, even the cursory listen to the structure and arrangement on display will show that he can deliver in style. Everything on Misery Loves Company is down to him and although it is obviously home produced, it cracks along like a thoroughbred, spitting out energy and drive in all directions. Look, stop obsessing about the 'home-produced' part Gilmore, most people don't even notice that stuff. I know that most people do but with me, it does detract somewhat from the overall effect when the production hasn't the same punch and drive as the song.

Craig has a very passable rock voice in many ways, although I felt he was straining a bit sometimes. There again, considering the twists and turns he subjects this track to, it's a hard track to perform for one person. The bass also felt a little light, I had to really spank my EQ to get it to seriously register. Nonetheless, these are minor niggles and offered - hopefully - as friendly advice. As far as most people are concerned (especially if they are rock animals like me) will gobble this bad boy right up. He's an excellent songwriter that knows how to construct a song that can stretch over five minutes and yet still keep you interested all the way through. Not just once or twice either. The more I played this track, the more I liked it with the very minor exceptions I have mentioned. An artist to watch methinks.

Recommended Pop Rock.

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