Sunday, November 25, 2007

Superbron - Two Bees Or Not Two Bees

Hear The Track Here

Two Bees Or Not Two Bees? It was only a matter of time I guess (sigh). Sooooo, third time around for Superbron, a Pop artist from the Netherlands who I have had a patchy couple of encounters with. Can't say as I liked Time Flies When You're Having Funk (July 2007) because...well it just wasn't. Funky, that is. What it suffered from most was a kind of blandness of sound that I have never liked, and believe me I heard a lot of bland. As Beneath A Burning Sun (October 2007) proved, the blandness certainly wasn't anything to do with the performance of either of these tracks because Superbron turns out to be a very clever musician; as this track so amply demonstrated. And I'm a sucker for Andreas Vollenweider, which is what it most reminded me of.

So, Two Bees Or Not Two Bees? Whadda we think?

The title comes about because the tune is inspired by one of my own musical heroes; BB King, a blues legend and obviously a step away from his normal Pop main genre. Well, I can't say with any honesty that Two Bees Or Not Two Bees, has much to do with the blues; unless it's a kind of third cousin to extremely l-o-o-s-e jazz tinged with the slightest tang of da blooz. To be sure, Superbron almost has that trademark BB sound but the fact that the guitar seems to be doing something slightly separate from the rest of the track kinda takes the shine off that idea.

To be honest, this sounds like a practice session track - at least to my ears. Whatever arguments can be advanced about how wide a church the blues is, I think I could quite easily find a counter argument. One thing the blues has always had for me is flow, and I don't find of that quality in this track. That's a shame because again Superbron demonstrates that he knows what hes doing technically but somehow it fails in the final execution - at least to my ears. I like all the elements (especially the guitar sound and that lucious organ) but put them all together and I'm kinda baffled. Which is par for the course for me I guess.

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