Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tedd-Z - Propaganda Ft. Civilian Slave

Hear The Track Here

Another name all too familiar to me from MP3 Unsigned. I seem to have known Tedd-Z forever although I'm certain sure it can't be much more than four years or so since we first met. He's given my ears several right blisterings over the past mumble-mumble years, and - on the plus side - one or two quite tasteful moments. See, the one thing that can always be said about Tedd-Z is that he isn't always tasteful and his 'edgy electronica nonsense'. is often exactly that. It's a given then that his music is somewhat of an acquired taste - for the most part. On the odd occasion he can surprise but I think that's usually by accident rather than by design because Tedd-z, like a lot of electronica artists, does like to walk on the wild side.

He's also a clever and adaptable collaborator and on this track he is joined by Civilian Slave, a hip hop artist from - surprisingly enough - Glasgow in Scotland. Together they have produced an excellent - topical even - track that rocks along with the best of them. Considering the amount of time Tedd-Z has been at this game you would expect a certain level of competence and on this track he's done a great job of pasting this lot together. I'm not sure about this but if the music is all Tedd-Z, my hat is off to him for the cleverness of the arrangement and mix, and the inspired choices of instrumentation.

Propaganda is a bombastic ground-pounder of a track, which is apt considering the lyrical messages and the track's title. Civilian Slave delivers the damning evidence in a laconic Glasgow drawl that makes the track different but in a good way. The combination of that style of vocal and the oh-so-clever tricks going on in the musical track literally rivets it all together. It isn't often that I've had a rosy glow from a Tedd-Z track (he is not noted for that) but I certainly got one from this track. The inspired filter work is a joy to hear and if this is all Tedd-Z's work the man has been learning a LOT more tricks than I had previously suspected him of. A seriously killer, in-yer-face diatribe about todays political realities, this knocked me on my ass from the get go. It isn't exactly technically perfect but boy does it give you a serious buzz.

Hey Tedd-Z! Watch carefully.... MUST HAVE electronica.

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