Thursday, November 08, 2007

Fluidity - Pendulum

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I was in a bit of a hurry transcribing my review list into some coherent form (I had tracks from everywhichaway this month), I seem to have written down the title of this new Fluidity track wrong. Now the trouble with that is that once I have made this elemental mistake, I get gear lock on that particular thought and therefore - forever afterwards - always will refer to this track as Pendulous, which as we all know flops about like said Pendulum but when all is said and done are completely different things. Breasts is breasts and a pendulum...... wtf DOES a pendulum do anyway? Now, before we all misty eyed at the amount of titties I've managed to stuff into this opening paragrah, let's get back to the reason we are here.

To get a bit of fluidity... (Ed: I have the blue pencil poised!!) Kiwi Fluidity then, the more exotic the better!!

To say that John Paul Carroll (aka Fluidity) has been having a great year is a massive understatement. In terms of output, he has been peaking throughout much of the year, delivering a string of Fluidity flavoured rock treats that have been going down a storm. He's grabbed a string of extremely favourable reviews from me including a Must Have for Did It Again (September 2007) and shows all the signs of a musician who is just gathering pace. Listen, for example, to the way he uses the guitar to embellish the high points of the verse. Nice. Certainly, if you like his style, Pendulum is gonna knock you on your ass because it's the same accomplished, polished artist I first saw on Did It Again. What made that track happen, of course, alongside the confident, assured performance was that underneath it was a terrific song - lyrically and musically.

The same applies to Pendulum (note to self: stop thinking about breasts), top class energetic performance underscored by a strong song and lyric. What could be better? Well, not much. Admittedly I have developed a marked taste for what Fluidity makes so I am almost bound to like whatever he does, but I do recognise the fact that some might not find his music as entertaining. There again, they haven't watched him developing the considerable musical chops he is currently displaying for all he is worth, and it gives me the warmest of glows. As fellow musician Kulamafi (aka HELLbus) says on the Fluidity message board 'you've been outdoing yourself in a straight line upwards'... Couldn't agree more.

Highly Recommended (and a MUST HAVE for fans)

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