Wednesday, November 21, 2007

EQ - Fallin'

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Fifth and final review track from Popspace this month is EQ, a new name to me and maybe to you too. He (its a one man thing) is from Cardiff, Wales started by mixing and mc'ing in his area, moving on to write his own music with (gulp) the ill-fated Music software programs for Playstations. As usual, that phase didn't last long and he migrated yet again to join in with the big boys and use a little Reason. He's signed to a local label apparently, Cymru am Beats to be absolutely precise and even the most casual of listens to this work of lightness and beauty will show why that is a good thing.

EQ shows just how on the pulse he is by coming up with something that just about fulfills everything I need from a track. Some banging beats, several objects of aural desire and a sense of light and shade and Fallin' has all of those things in abundance. As a musician myself I have long been fascinated at the use of choirs and all manner of assembled voices in rock and its hundreds of millions of offshoots, and Fallin' contains an example of the use that will take your breath away. Even now, after much, much playing, I'm still undecided if the female vocals in this are composed of notes or phrases - and if the former, just how painstaking a peice of work this is.

After all, any old chump can sling a bunch of vocals onto a music track, can't they? Programs like Ejay, Magix and the like are the living proof of that BUT with one missing ingredient; musical knowledge. Making a work that is both musically and emotionally fulfilling is infinitely more difficult which is why programs like that are just another entry point. As it looks, I'd say that not only has EQ transferred his act across platforms perfectly, but he's got something a bit special going for him too; a musical knowledge and willingness to experiment that doesn't always go with the breakbeat field EQ says this is an old favourite, and I've have to agree with him, and I've only just made the tracks acquaintance.

Excellent genre-bender, and a lovely, lovely sound. Highly Recommended.

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url said...

Top tune by a top dj, this guy should be BIG.