Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tricks For Agnes - Mistakes

Hear The Track Here

Mmmmmmm, I thunk, while mulling over the review list for the month, why does this name ring a bell with me? Usually it's because of two things: the track was so bad I shredded it or it was something a bit special; something I obviously should have remembered but I seem to have lost my mind which makes the whole remembering thing a bit awkward. So, I hunkered down at the review datadbase and lo, found that I'd reviewed he/she/them or it in Febuary 2006. Down Rosie Goes was the track and the review supplied little real info; TFA is a Belgian singer\songwriter who is plainly aiming at the Damien Rice/James Blunt end of the market. He did it surprising well too, getting a highly recommended from me and you KNOW I don't give those out for soppy rubbish. Not the most prolific of artists though, judging by the long gap between tracks.

Either that or they were avoiding me.

They also appear to be a three peice these days; singer Bert, bassist Rody and Joez on drums and they make a very likeable noise especially if you like that whole pop rock, clean living style. The most surprising thing about Down Rosie goes was the musical assurance and production confidence that only comes from having done it a few million times; some would call it practice but to me its experience. The 'been there and done that' thing. As vacuous as some of the music is commercially, I have not found that to be case with unsigned internet musicians and that is a definite plus. At least for me because I have no tolerance for the whole 'o whine is me, bemoaning my fate' school of songwriting. After all, who gives a rats anyway? Except for young girls of course, and that might be the reason for the genre being there in the first place. Best not to dwell too much here, move right along...

Mistakes is anything but; it's an exceptionally polished track that should give them some exposure to a wider audience PROVIDED they get out there and promote it. It's the kind of thing a music junkie scours the internet for, a track that does for me exactly what I want. It's an easy, lets all sing along track, with some delicious oohs for those people to shy to sing the words. In other words, a consummate pop song. In other hands this idea may not have worked so well, it's to the trio's credit that they have made a refreshing, exhuberant and technically interesting track out of it. I noticed that Down Rosie Goes was not on the SC page and wonder why. Still, I've got this one stashed away safely at least and that will definitely do for now but I just hope it won't be too long between tracks again.

Highly Recommended pop rock.

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