Monday, October 08, 2007

Mike-K - Lonely Traveller

Hear The Track Here

During the early part of this decade when the late (but probably not lamented) finally closed its doors, there was a collective intake of breath from members of Soundclick at the time. Were we going to get swamped with thousands of wannabees, ruining what had - until then - been a decent music site for musicians. Can't work in a vacuum though, and although Soundclick did absorb a HUGE number of ex-MP3ers, they settled into the scene rapidly and generally shown that their coming to this site was a good thing. I know that Mike Kohlgraf (aka Mike-K) also voiced some anxiety about the supposed surge too, but look what has happened to him since. A great many of those MP3 musicians have since become both of our favourites and it has provided Mike with the best platform of all to espouse the delights of indie music - his own radio show. Internet radio mind, but who cares when you are having fun. As well established as he is as a voice on the scene, it shouldn't be forgotten that first and foremost he is a musician in his own right.

Granted, I haven't always seen musical eye to eye with him but that has more to do with my own predjudice than anything Mike is doing wrong. Mike does like his music on the smooth side (allthough that does NOT apply to his radio show), and bless him it's his music; he can choose. Having just reviewed his excellent Latin fllavoured Midnight (August 2007) I find myself ready for another one. Surprisingly, I did like that track despite its avowed middle of the road stance. The trick that has won me over consistently though has been when Mike has collaborated with Christopher Martin Hansen; a class act and no mistake. Its also an indication of how much respect this guy has garnered over the years he has been a Soundclick stalwart.

Lonely Traveller is a track from an upcoming Mike-K CD called Sonic Adventures and is a classic example of what Mike does; a cool, sophisticated tune that - had it been a woman - would wear her hair up at every occasion. Chic, I think the correct term is. Mike has consistently supplied a certain amount of production nous to his tracks from way back, but now his guitar playing has moved up to match it. So if you like that whole 'easy listening' thang then this will probably be calling to you already. Anyone who professess to have the likes of Jean Paul Jarre as an influence usually is a decidely middle of the road musician and on that score Mike-K is definitely ahead of the pack. Again I find myself giving the man a nod of respect while not wholeheartedly liking what he does. Aaahhh, but Mike is well aware of those trials...

Excellent guitar instrumental; elegant and smooth. Recommended.

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