Monday, October 29, 2007

Kevin Mooney - Not Yet Begun

Hear The Track Here

The fifth and final track from MP3 Unsigned this month, Kevin Mooney supplies us with a - yep, you guessed it - a trance track. Considering this is one of my least favourite genres, it is quite surprising that I have liked the four I have already heard from that site. Let us hope, however, that the next time I do this, I can get a bit more diversity into the mix. So, Kevin Mooney? Who he? According to his MP3 Unsigned page he is a UK based songwriter who would like his material to be covered by professional artists and bands - and who wouldn't? Welp, these days it's just as easy, and often less painful, to be an artist in your own right but hey, each to their own. I'm sure there is some element of this strategy in Kevin's long term plans.

Or not, just in case he's a lazy basket like yours truly...

Considering that he is a 'UK songwriter' the first thing I noticed about Not Yet Begun is how German it sounds. Take, for example, the intro; a piece of classic German electronic fukry - the sort of thing you might have heard Kraftwerk do in the early days of the genre. Once the tune powers in though, it's fairly obvious that a lot of the samples - particularly the vocals - are definitely of Greman origin. Namely samples from some kind of Magix product. Now before you get the notion that I am going to go off on one because I hate 'factory' samples, you'd be dead wrong. Just that if you are going to use such samples (and I've used my share in the past) at least tailor them to your own work and style. After all, most of them sound pretty cheesy anyway, you have to doctor them to breathe some life into them.

Having said all that (Ed: phew eh?), I have to say that aside from this (makes quote sign) alleged German sound I've been wittering on about, Not Yet Begun is an excellent working of those self-same samples. If this were one of my early tracks, I'd be happy with it. However, upping your game is the name of the game around here and my advice would be to investing some time in production and mixing skills to go with it. A peice of music like this should sound infinitely bigger than this track does right now, but hey that's a minor quibble too. I admit that I was awfully swayed by this peice once I'd viewed the Essence video version of this track. Viewed countless times too I might shamefully admit because Essence is wonderful eye candy; I'd do the robot dance with her anyday. But that's another story. You'll find the video on the page link above.

Recommended Trance and DO catch that video!

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