Sunday, October 07, 2007

Omnisine - Slide

Hear The Track Here

Now here's a guy we haven't seen for months and months, so a hearty welcome back for my favourite Indian electronica artists, Omnisine (once known on this site as Freq-X). He has been around for a couple of years and like his fellow Mumbai based artist, Prash (who also made an appearance here just lately) has a marked skill and dexterity with the music he makes; sophisticated but intense and always, always very listenable. Omnisine has had shedloads of Must Haves and what have you from me Slide also features another artist Omnisine has collaborated with in the past; a lyricist/vocalist who goes by the enigmatic name of Rohan J. Their first combined efforts on Dream (May 2006) absolutely blew me away, especially the vocals and Slide goes a long way past that already high standard. I said at the time that Rohan has a great voice but from the first play of this I was transfixed, musically and lyrically.

So how do I continue without slobbering all over the place? (Ed: A bib. He always carries one)

Mind you, there is an awful lot to slobber at. From the beautifully relaxed bass to the overtly jazzy feel of the peice, this shows exactly why Omnisine is held with enormous respect by a great many Soundclick regulars, especially those of the electronica persuasion. Officially, Slide is billed as Trip Hop but this is one of those tracks that just couldn't be pigeon-holed in something as insubstantial as a genre classification, it's way above most anything you ae likely to hear - whatever the genre. That's always been one of the hallmarks of Omnisine's work, so it's no great surprise to those who know his work. What will be a surprise is the lovingly intricate way he has crafted the arrangement to pick out and highlight the nuances in the vocal, an attribute I have noticed before but never IMHO used with such devastating effect. Considering that the track is only three and a half minutes long, there is so much packed in there it stretches to twice its length, and it get better and better with each playing.

The real star though, at least for me, is the very welcome return of Rohan J (also called Rohini on Dream, which you will also find on Omnisine's Soundclick page). Even if I didn't know he was Indian by birth, I would have sworn he was either British or American, at least judged by what this track sounds like; and that is what makes it the killer track it is. Slide has the potential tol be a massive smash hit IF the real world music business was listening, even the merest listen will confirm that within twenty seconds or so. The combination of Rohan's lyrics and vocals and Omnisine's undoubted musical and production prowess is absolutely wonderful and one I am definitely not going tol get sick of any time soon. And they say that the indie music scene has no stars. Harumph I say.

MUST HAVE, a technical soul warmer.

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