Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Da Luck Ent - This Ain't Working Out

Hear The Track Here

Look, I don't care what the fekkin name says, what we are usually talking about here is a Young Kannon track, so let that be an end to it. Young who? you say. Young Kannon is a hip hop rap artist I have run across a few times Every time has been an intense (in almost every way) experience because - as you can judge from the amount of Parental Advisories on his page - this is an artist who pulls no punches - especially lyrically. He writes very vididly about life on the streets and its consequences to the people around it in such a way that it affects you viserally in ways that - to be honest - most commercially available bad boy shit doesn't do - at least in my honest opinion. Therefore it isn't what anyone would call easy listening.

Tarantino Rap, even.

Surprisingly enough though, This Aint Working Out doesn't boast the usual PA appendage, although it does contain with some cussing.. It's a different side of Kannon I've not heard before and he handles it surprisingly well considering the usual hard style he espouses; certainly convinced me. There again, I must admit to my eternal shame, that I was all agog at the way the track developed - a conversation between two people that is causing pain and anger to both of them. Beautifully realised it is too, with the help of Epic The Dawn and the delightful voice of Miss Ebony; it creates a track that crackles with the emotion goling down between these two people.

Been there, lived the life - and it shows.

I have to say, at this stage of the game, the more I hear of Young Kannon's work, the more it grows on me. It's difficult, of course, for me to whole heartedly champion his usual tale of horror style; way too real for most people. You can imagine what it must do to the usual Soundclick pussies :D This track, however, is in its way unashamedly commercial - the boy/girl dynamic works a treat here. It's in the way the story develops and the extremely easy way the two vocalists put across the emotional charge of the peice. While hip hop most assuredly isn't to everyone's taste, I have no doubt that a good song will always out. This Ain't Working Out is about as good as anything I've heard from this artist so far, and it's a track far more palatable to a wider audience than previous tracks. Despite some kinda obvious flaws...I really got to like this in a very short time and for me personally it's the kind of hip hop I'd prefer to hear. Hmmmm In fact.....yeah......gotta be...

MUST HAVE indie hip hop (read the review for the craven apology for such a crime)

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