Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Alchemystic - Into Infinity

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Way back in the mists of time, the internet was a much less populated space than the steamy metrolops most of us encounter every day. Yes, obviously the saddos of this world. Tut. During early 1989 and 1990 I started to latch onto a whole new music scene I had never before encountered; it was based around BBSs (extremely basic nodes) with top speeds of a massive 9.6k and was made by the most basic peice of software imaginable. Files were small, so you couldn't get too wild with it. Well, some people did get pretty jiggy with the genre (now known as MODs) and they influenced a whole shedload of future online musicians, including yours truly. One of the enduring heroes of mine from that period was the aptly named Dr Awesome because he was exactly that. His real name is Bjorn Lynne and since that time he has become an internet legend and much better known in the commercial world than those early days. The reason I get to fawn all over again is down to our mucker Alchemystic.

Blame him for the sycophancy.

"It's a moot statement", he rabbits on his webpage "but yes it does sound a lot like Bjorn Lynne". Well, I'll be the judge of that young chappie me lad because I knew the man when he made 8 bit mono jobbies... There's no doubt that Alchemystic is using much the same feel as Bjorn baby but the comparison is really in the style; what comes out the other end is pure Alchemystic, fru and fru. See, he has this way with melodies, a little knack he displays on this track in spades; it being literally a series of melodies. There again, that was also the central feature of Bjorn Lynne's work too; majestic, sprawling and funky as all get out.

Now ol' Alchemystic has played a blinder of late with a string of ever changing tracks from genres as diverse as reggae and da fonk, capping it with a Must Have in the form of A Cold Light In The East (September 2007) so he has every right to lay back a bit. Not that there is anything wrong with Into Infinity, it's a track Alchemystic fans will readily take to because it's the ground he first made his own; with that other reference mixed in. As an instrumental its definitely worth a listen, especially if you like clever, well produced instrumentals but at its heart its still and instrumental. Personally I loved the kind of sequencing Alchemystic gets up to here and on that score alone I'd be recommending this, as it is it's a very decent tune and well put together.

Highly Recommended Electronic rock?? (Ed: surely some mistake?)

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