Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Antennaheadz - Loveless Blues

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Thomas J was first on the doorstep this month, a pole position he performed last month too. Another month and he'll have three in a row and I guess that's some kind of record. Definitely not something to boast about wiv yer grandkids though, when you are in your dotage and they ask you what you did when you were young. Oh I was desperate enough to hang around ol' Gilmore's door for three months running. Not exactly a ringing endorsement is it? In case you have no idea who Thomas J OR The Antennaheadz (one and the same actually) are, then you certainly won't be familiar with the kind of mind bending music they make: music that has been known to tie their listeners in such contorted shapes they have been taken for aliens and asked if they could stand with Gran and the kids while a picture was taken. Best not to approach an Antennahead(z) unless you are wearing your Musical Tough Guy outfit.

Either that, or the cute white coat that does up at the back.

The Antennaheadz have been stretching their music wings a lot this year, exploring areas of music I would never have given them credit for a year or so ago. All good then yeah? Well, yes, but only if you recognise that when this artist says this track is so and so genre, it may indeed have elements of so and so genre within it, bt by far the larger portion will go towards this bands endearing penchant for musical meanderings, jokes and 'ooh what does this do?' noises by the bucketful. Funnily enough though, looking back over the past years reviews, Antennaheadz tracks have scored some substantial ratings from me and that is probably better than the bloody and terrifying beating I used to give them at the beginning (and still do when they wander up their own musical butts). Nonetheless, haven't had to do it for a while and Loveless Blues is definitely not going to get anything like that treatment because - well, dare I say this - it's really good.

Oh good grief, now they've all fainted dead away.

Wipe the look of surprise off your face, and do remember who we are talking about here. So yes, it is kinda/sorta da blooz but only in the most generic of terms. Nonetheless, it's a very likable track indeed, and a massive departure yet again for this surprisingly versatile musician despite his penchant for noise and dissonance. It has, as you would expect, bass, guitar and drums (a bit mechanical but they do the job) but the real surprise here is the voice of the man himself and the fact that Loveless Blues is the closest this artist has come to writing an actual song - and that is a by-God miracle. As such, it deserves a Must Have status just for it's rarity but it also deserves it because it's a cracking (if idiosyncratic) performance of a lively and jaunty song. Life, as they say, is full of surprises. Go on, surprise yourself.

MUST HAVE (yep, you read it right Thomas!) :D

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