Saturday, October 27, 2007

mr4rt3z - I Can See The Way

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When I first stuck a notice up on MP3 Unsigned that I'd take five tracks for review this month, I had no idea that the first three tracks would be of a genre that I usually loathe and despise; dance, electronica and all forms of. Despite that, all the tracks I have reviewed so far have been extremely listenable (as well as the other dancey rubbish) so I'm hoping for a hat trick with mr4rt3z. His name is obviously Marty and he's from Derry in Ireland and - judging by the page comments - came into music the way a lot of people have done. Played around with Ejay/Magic/other lego set then got serious about it and plumped for Fruity Studio (hey either that or Reason) for the long term. See, say what you like about 'instant music' packages like Ejay; they do turn a lot of people on to the possibilities of making music.

Never a bad thing. The more the merrier.

Although I've read some of his MP3 Unsigned posts over the years I think this is the first time I've met Marty in his main capacity. Soooo, what's with it?? I have to be honest, when I first started playing this track, me jaw must have hit the floor with enough velocity to shatter it forever. Not before, however, I had to endure being stuck in a studio with an audiophile on aceeeed who succeeds in making music gurn at you before commencing. Seriously, what this artists does on this track sounds weird/stupid/strange on first listening but once you get comfy with your arms around it, it starts to show all the right moves.

There is a 80's electropop feel about the main track, all production fuckry aside for a minute, that should endear plenty of listeners to latch onto this track. MP3 Unsigned, if you don't know that site, is an incredibly hard place to crack so the first thing I usually do while reviewing is check out some stats. Absolutely the one thing I NEVER do is read other peoples comments before I've written the review. It has been surprising the amount of difference between what I think and what others think in that format. I'm glad I didn't because otherwise I couldn't have written the review, I would have been too busy agreeing with everybody else who raved about this excellent track. OK OK, dance isn't usually my thang (especially not for my higher ratings) but when it's material of this quality and depth, the rating follows automatically.

Highly Recommended Dance, a whisker away from Must Have.

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