Saturday, October 20, 2007

RedDress - Only Last Summer

Hear The Track Here

I'm a sucker for a damsel in distress. Don't know whether it's my dirty old man syndrome kicking in, or whether I was taught my manners from a mother who could have doubled as Hitler/Ghengis Khan or anyone similar - especially in her attitude to men and women. There again, maybe I'm just a nosy sob of a bitch who wants to know why no-one on MP3 Unsigned has taken notice of a red dress. It's red, it's a dress - are you all blind?? Still, sometimes it's better to keep you gob shut and just move along, nothing to see here; as I discovered when I came to download the lady's track only to see that she specialises in my least favourite genre of all - Trance. It's all very well going 'uh oh' and tutting under your breath but I wasn't to know was I?

It'll probably teach me not to go blundering...

Let me clarify something though, just because I personally don't get hot and sweaty at the thought of a wodge of trance, doesn't mean that I can't appreciate it - provided it offers some kind of hook to a casual listener. I must admit when it first started I had some twinges of anxiety because it sounded exactly as I pictured it would, not quite yer average Ibiza clone but close to it. However, I stuck to it, inserting the track in my daily playlist over a few days and was finally won over by the depth of detail, the clear mix and - damnit - it's sheer dancability. You can see that this would go down a storm in the right environment, preferably with a belly full of good hooch, a headful of waccy baccy, a beach and fahsands of similarly wigged out loonies dancing the night away.

Having spent a great deal of time in such environments when I was a lot younger than the decrepit old fart you see before you, I would have loved tol rave the night away with a track like this. So what, exactly, does it consist of? Well if you consider that RedDress lists DJ Tiesto, Fat Boy Slim and Chicane as influences you can bet that's the kind of music you are going to hear. Great for fans of the genre (and it is, if you like Trance, grab this!) but it's certainly powerful enough to make an impression even on a casual listener. I like the filtering (a geekhead I know) and the sequencing is spot on, the beautifully handled breakdowns; all in all signs of a class act. It might not be my kind of music, but RedDress is sure enough my kind of musician - one who takes pains to get it right.

Highly Recommended Trance (can't believe I said that)

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