Friday, October 12, 2007

1969 - The Last Day On Earth

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I would be willing to bet there aren't too many blue zeppelins in China, and the one I have found turns out to be one of the most enjoyable artists I have come across in a good while. Part of that has to come down to 1969's (aka Blue Zeppelin) oft stated love for the sounds of the 1960's, a period that continues to influence artists worldwide, 40 years after the event. Back when a song spoke to us as if it were out best friend (which it often was for a great many of us). For me, personally, having grown up during that fine musical period, anybody who professes an interest in the period is going to find a friend in me, as 1969 has found out. Out of the two tracks of his I've reviewed so far, he has recieved on Highly Recommended and a Must Have, and that ain't too shabby at all.

So, what's next...?

The Last Day On Earth has all the ingredients of the two previous tracks but - for my money - it doesn't have anything like the impact those tracks contained. There is a lightness about the track which, although intentional, tends to give it a kind of throwaway feel. Having said that, like all of 1969's tracks so far, it plays slavish adherence to the tone and sound of early 1970's rock - although in this case with a whimsical, almost folk-rock to it. That might also be the catalyst for my mixed feelings about the track because its the one area of rock I've never had a lot of time for - even when it was popular.

There's a flavour of early Pink Floyd in the vocal and presentation of the lyrics, which helps the time to pass and again I am amazed about how a Chinese musician can deliver such an authentic feel. If you like what I have described so far, then you may well get more out of this track I am seeming to; at least through the first two or three minutes. There's a couple of distinctly odd sections where things don't meld as well as they should and a particularly strange guitar section that probably should be re-thought. While I was over at 1969s site I also listened to a couple of Neil Young covers he's done and I think I prefer them. All this isn't to say that 1969 has turned in a bad peice, for those who like the period and the style will find much to like. It just didn't have the same impact on me his more rockier outings have had.

Recommended Classic rock nonetheless.

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