Sunday, October 21, 2007

The SolitaireOne - Will It Be When I'm Gone

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When I first reviewed this artists I Let My Baby Go (May 2007) I certainly got straight into their style (blues of the old school) but I wasn't quite as sure about parts of the vocal delivery; nonetheless as a introductory track it certainly wet the old whistle. Gimmie more, I snorted and shall happen. O yeah. I've always been a fan of the blues ever since stumbling across the likes of Billie Holiday, Robert Johnson, Howling Wolf, Muddy Waters and a great many others. It's gone in and out of style a good few times since I first came across it, and it definitely lives and breathes and has a real presence right here, on the internet.

Blues was always the ultimate niche market anyway, it's probably found its true medium at last, and its nice to see artists such as The SolitaireOne paying the ultimate respect to the genre by keeping it alive and fresh. Although I didn't quite agree with the first SolitaireOne track I heard, I had no such reservations about Will It Be When I'm Gone because - as far as it goes everything gels extremely well. Mining a musical area also dominated by names such as Tom Petty, Credence Clearwater, and Steely Dan (cited as influences by this artist) is not exactly what I would call the blues and definitely not an easy trick to pull off. To say that The SolitaireOne does on this track is to understate the case, this is a track that snaps you up from note one - especially if you like the genre.

There's an easy, let's all kick back and have a smoke feel about the track which pretty much captures the world this track comes from. I've had the opportunity to travel to a lot of the world, looking at bands in various locations and I've enjoyed none more than the bar bands I enountered in remore corners of the USA - usually rocking out with something like this. So, not exactly blues (at least by my standards) but blues rock certainly and of a high standard. If this artist isn't already a presence on THE site for music of this kind (Ed: the elitist bastard is referring to then it's time to get on there - their audience will love this stuff and I know for sure Mike-K has probably been saying much the same thing so this is probably totally rendundant so I'll shut up and let the musiuc do the talking for a change.

The big easy. Highly Recommended blues rock.

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